Trying again…

I’ve been trying to blog for 10 years now. I even paid for blogs… That is, my own hosting. My own URL. Anything, not for the purpose of getting well known (well maybe a little) but at the very least to push myself to actually do it (you know… you paid for this, now get writing!). Unfortunately, none of it has ever continued. And most recently, after 6 years of paid service, I closed my web hosting account. I still have domain names though, and because of the emails associated with those, I can’t get rid of them anymore. So here I am back at square one.

So why now again? Hopefully this post will serve as a reminder to myself of the following reasons I have to blog…

  1. I recently finished my Masters of Theological Studies degree, which was accompanied by a 2-credit (80-page) Thesis. I maybe one day want to continue on to a doctorate of some sort. Either an actually Ph.D or a more achievable D.Min. So I can’t let that last project of mine (the thesis) go to waste by losing my writing chops.
  2. My new Senior Pastor was the source of #1, and it seems that he has taken it upon himself, if not to actually keep me accountable about writing, but to at least encourage me from time to time. So, for the sake of not having to just smile and nod but without actually talking about any projects I’m working on the next time he asks me about writing, I’m hoping I can point to this blog and say, yup, I’ve actually been doing it.
  3. I have found that building up routines for me is really the best way to handle life. Granted, these routines often break down and morph and change. But hopefully I can make writing a regular part of my life.

Alright. Here we go again!

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