New Keyboard Gear

While I was “in exile” in Edmonton, and knowing that our new worship pastor was on his way up with his wife, I decided to take the leap and purchase an iRig keys and a MacBook Air to use as a synth device for worship. I’d like to think that this is what finally helped our sound make that distinct turn to more “hipster”, but it probably has a lot more to do with Asa’s awesome voice and guitar skills, and his wife Suz’s equally awesome harmonies and MANDOLIN! I’m just trying to keep up! PS: Clearly the featured image is not my church… probably the ideal I’d like to move to some day? 😀

So tonight for worship practice, I laid the MacBook Air on the piano, fired up GarageBand, and sortoff hung the iRig Keys off the music holder on the piano. And I had myself an instant double-keyboard set up. Pretty sweet! Here’s some video taken off the MacBook’s facetime camera, meaning the audio is crappy, but man do I look like a pro keyboardist with my headphones coming off the Aviom and sweet set up. Hahaha.

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