Keanuhea – 2 Hours Practice

Another progression video for learning “Keanuhea” by Daniel Ho. I’ve started metronome work on it, which was inspired by a video I found of Daniel Ho playing through the song with a metronome. He plays it at 86 (or maybe it was 88?) bpm though, and I am still at 60. I don’t think I actually hit 2 hours of practising, although that was my goal for the week. So things are still slow. I pretty much have the fingering down for the second half of the song. But I’ve also started playing the right hand with proper fingering (not just using the thumb to pluck). So that throws me off a little bit sometimes. Also I’m struggling with cleanly pressing the strings down at speed.

I think maybe June 28th was too optimistic a completion date. I can probably play it at speed by then, but certainly not the quality I want it to be. So I will probably push that back one more week to July 5.

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