I went to Vegas!!!

So after 2 weeks of Day Camps and 3 Sunday Sermons, I needed a break. Preaching on Sunday was especially a challenge. I got super distracted by a baby crying, which never happens. I really don’t mind babies in the service. But I was so tired I got distracted, and for like a full 5 minutes I was kind of just talking lost in my notes. But worst of all, my eyes were so tired they were constantly out of focus. It reminded me of when I preached to some churches in BC with contact lenses on. Then part way trough one of them moved off my retina and I was basically blind for the rest of the sermon…

Anyway, after a really long nap on Sunday afternoon, my eyes were still a mess. So I decided to tell our office admin that I would take Monday morning off. But then than changed to the full day Monday… Normally this would call for a trip to Edmonton. But now that I am officially carless, it is more difficult to do that. So I set about finding somewhere to go. I wanted to go to Victoria. But I realized it was a 2-stop flight for me. Edmonton/Calgary then Vancouver. Then Victoria. So I decided if I was going to fly somewhere with 2 stops, I’d at least make it worth it.

So I went about checking out cheap flights and hotels. LA, San Francisco were out then… Surprisingly they cost just as much as Hawaii and Mexico. Which brought me to Vegas. For less than $900, I had flights and a hotel. I was thinking I’d leave next Sunday. But I really needed a break. So here I am…

At first I did’t even feel like I should mention I’m going here, with the stigma attached to it and all. But after I got here, honestly all of my perception of Vegas were shattered…

1) Except for the ubiquity of gambling, there really isn’t much on display in terms of “vice”. There cigarette smoke smell everywhere. But Tokyo is like that too. Once in a while, you’ll come accross a burlesque ad or something. But if you have a problem with that, you’ll have a problem just walking around here because…

2) IT’S HOT!! Duh it’s the desert. But I was really put off by how cool it was at the airport. But when I got to the strip itself, man it was hot. I got pretty dark during day camps. But I probably got darker. Oh and of course when its hot, people’s dress tend to match the heat.. Which is what I meant about the burlesque ads in point 1…

3) It’s expensive!!! Duh, it’s a tourist destination. Of course you pay a premium for everything. But I’m getting a little sick of buying bottled water for the price of a case of 24 at home.

4) I thought I was prepared for Vegas to be over the top grandiose. But I wasn’t. It’s INCREDIBLE how huge yhe structures are here. I’ve so far only explored the north side of the strip, and I think that’s gonna be it for me.

5) There’s tons to do despite gambling and drinking and all the crap Vegas is known for. I mean yeah you see the signs everywhere of “partying”. Random beer bottles in the fountains etc. But I was in my rook by 10pm, asleep by 11… So I largely missed what all that is about. Today I’m determined to walk some more and do interesting things like watch musicals.. So I doubt I’ll be out past 10pm tonight too (not to mention I need a really good night’s sleep).

6) I’ve already posted to death about this. But just about the coolest thing I’ve done is shoot some WW2 era weapons at the shooting range. It’s probably gonna be the best thing I do this trip. But we’ll see…

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