Philippines 2017

So immediately after I wrote my last 2 posts about my vacation in Japan, I hit a crazy busy period at work where it became pretty much impossible for me to think about much else. So I haven’t had a chance yet to explain the second part of my trip… although technically it’s really the main part of my trip: my trip to the Philippines in 2017 for my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday.

As I mentioned before, I’ll be in Japan over New Years, leaving Fort McMurray early afternoon on Boxing Day (December 26th for all the non-Canadians out there who don’t know what that means). Because of my crazy cheap flight (which I have yet to blog about), that puts me in Tokyo early afternoon of the 28th. I stay in Japan for 7 days, leaving late evening January 2, which puts me in Manila around 9am on January 3.

Now, I mentioned that it’s the busyness at work that prevented me from mentioning my plans for when I am in the Philippines. But the other reason is that my family only recently solidified their plans for when they will be in the Philippines, too. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and niece are going to arrive early morning Jan 2. And basically, waiting to hear when exactly they will arrive has also put a damper on planning for the Philippines.


Anyway, currently the plan is to pretty much leave Manila for Cebu City as soon as I arrive. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, is pretty stupid of me (since my travel time from Tokyo to Manila is just under 13 hours… I’ll explain in a future post). But it’s all good. My sister in law works for a hotel chain, and we’ll be staying at a really nice hotel in Cebu.

We don’t really have any solid plans for Cebu. Our main goal is really just to spend time as a family and relax. My personal goal (which I’ve been trying to accomplish for 3 trips to the Philippines now) is to go to one of Cebu’s famous luthiers and pick up a nice Ukulele. But that’s not such a big deal for me, especially with how crappy the Canadian Dollar is trading right now. I would love a beautiful mango wood topped ukulele. But I don’t think I can stomach spending $600 on it (which is almost what my concert Martin Uke costs). So we could finally end up in Cebu like I had been planning for 3 trips now, but still end up with no Ukulele.


Anyway, that is going to be our only trip as a family because James and Elaine can only be in the Philippines for about 10 days. I think they leave on the 11th, which is after the weekend festivities for my Grandmother’s birthday. That week for me, I will be going on a solo trip, which will actually be the first for me in the Philippines. My trip in 2015, I had planned to go to General Santos City by myself. But I was convinced by my parents to go with them to Northern Luzon instead (literally the opposite direction I was originally headed). Then for our trip earlier this year, I joined my family in Palawan, and was planning to go to Dumaguete by myself, but I decided to go to Bacolod with my parents instead. It was a nice little trip.

This time, I will finally realize that trip to Dumaguete. My parents won’t be coming with me because they are already planning to go there later on in their trip (they’re in the Phils for like 2 months). I’ll be there for really just 2 days, from the 11th to the 13th. Then on the 13th, after I fly back to Manila, I’ll join my parents in Tagaytay (somehow… maybe by bus?) which is where I’ll spend my last 2 days in the Philippines.

Coming up.. What I hope to do in Dumaguete (and Siquijor Island).

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