All my bags are packed (almost)…

I’ll be going in to work tomorrow to take care of some last minute business. And as I am anticipating being there until just before I have to leave (my flight is at 2:20pm, so I’ll probably head on to the airport around 11:30am), I have to make sure I’m all packed and ready to go before I go to bed tonight. Thanks to good friend like Asa Bartos, who will be taking to my airport… unlike my so called cousin, Taz, who ditched me for Boxing Day shopping in Edmonton.

Anyway, I thought I’d publish a quick note about how it is that I pack anyway. As you can see, this is my big suit case, which has a carry on suit case in it. Yes, that is how I intend to pack that (at least on the way to Asia). Currently that carry on suit case has all the stuff I will need for my 1 week in Japan, while what I won’t need (which is not much, obviously) are packed around it to keep the bag from moving about. These are my swim trunks, my rollable pants, some extra t-shirts and underwear etc. The plan is, that once I get to the airport, I will check the big luggage into a locker in the airport, while I bring just the carry on with me.

So what does that leave me to fly with? A nice red backpack that I just bought a month ago to hold pretty much just my electronic necessities. Oh, I do have one t-shirt, and two pairs of underwear and a pair of socks as backup. But for the most part, it’s fairly minimalist. It’s about the size of a “personal item”.

On the way home, the plan is to fill that big suit case up with goodies from Japan and the Philippines, and to use the black carry on as my carry on while the red back pack (depending on how much goodies I buy) is the one that will go into this big bag to be transported back to Canada. That of course is a much more straight forward trip… no crazy lay overs and such.

Anyway, yippeee! I checked into my Air Canada flight already, which means it’s now less than 24 hours before I fly out. Here we go!

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