Aspire Lounge at YYC

Asia 2016 – Part 1

So because of all the flying I will be doing in the next 3 weeks, I decided to get Priority Pass. I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s pretty expensive in one shot. But, between the 10% discount I got, and the 10 lounge visits, it only works out to about $25 per visit. About how much I would spend in an airport restaurant anyway. So I went for it.

I did hear some negatives… like how some lounges in Europe tend to turn pass holders away. But I figured, head to Asia will be different (especially the service). Apparently one of the lounges in Singapore’s airport even offer fish-spa pedicures. Haha. Man that by itself, I think cost me $50 in Japan last year. So that’s already worth 2 visits.


The first lounge I get to try is the Aspire Lounge in Calgary Airport’s transborder/international area. Close to Sections D and E, I think (I’m flying out of E myself). It looks nice enough, but a quick walk around did not really inspire all that much. I came in at a pretty busy time. Things have calmed down now, and there’s probably only about 2 dozen of us in here now. But there was a lot more before so it was hard to find a seat.

More problematic is that no one seems to be bussing. I know it’s self-serve. But while you can expect people to pour their own drinks and serve their own food, I really doubt you could get most of them to bus their used dishes as well. Most do, for sure (I did). But enough don’t that there were several areas that had empty glasses and cans scattered around, making it even harder to choose where to sit when seating was already scarce.

Other than that, the food was pretty good… Surprisingly, it was minudo (a Filipino dish) but it could also have been a really really mild curry. There was basmati rice and buttered green beans. Yum to all, except the minudo/curry was a bit bland (not a big deal to me personally). Free drinks as I mentioned before. I won’t bother with the desert, I’ll probably just grab a cookie from SBux later.

But over all, if I have another glass of wine, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. But just barely though. So that’s my thoughts on Aspire…. I’d give it a 2/5. Also because I got to FB Video chat with Kara Elise with relative privacy (I wasn’t even using the Lounge’s Wifi, but it’s definitely quieter here than it is outside).


I fly out to San Fransisco in just over an hour. And ooohh.. It looks like they put out new food. Checking it out!

Update 1: (5 minutes) I was wrong about the food. Same stuff that I had. But I gave in on the desert. The chocolate nutela cake is pretty good.

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