Trains and Sushi

Japan Trip Day 2.

I was able to get to sleep pretty easily in Hotel Sardonyx. I’ve rated it pretty high with Expedia. It was definitely a great hotel to stay in. So waking up Wednesday morning in time to get to Tsukiji Market was a breeze. I didn’t go for the auctions or anything like that – those would have been way earlier. No I only got up around 7am, in time for a nice breakfast at the hotel, and to get going around 7:30am or so.

I took the subway to Tsukiji, which was really annoying because it’s money I’m spending despite having a free train pass. But unless I wanted to walk too much I had to deal with it. The GoPro was going as soon as I left the hotel. And it’s been real fun having it around and testing its capabilities.

I got to Tsukiji probably around 8am, and man was there ever a crowd already. Not even foreigners, though I did see quite a few. Probably mostly Japanese who are preparing to go home for the New Year holiday. After maybe 30 mins of walking, I finally ducked in to a conveyor belt sushi restairant for breakfast. That was awesome. Then I saw two street food I wanted to eat: grilled scallops with uni on top, and pork dumplings. Yes both were awesome.

But I couldn’t stand the crowd so I made it over to Ginza to go to another planned stop: G. Itoya. Itoya is a stationary store, and it was everything I expected it would be, especially expensive. Let’s not even talk about what I did end up buying and how much it cost. After a couple of hours there, I made my way back to the hotel because I was starting to feel the effects of the weird eating I’ve been doing for a few hours. In fact, I had to use the public toilet twice. And I really hate to do that.

I hung around the hotel room until it was obvious my stomach was fine. Then I went to a Starbucks close by to have coffee to see if it messed my stomach up. Both good, so I went on to my final stop of the night, Akihabara. Unfortunately, after hours of searching, I couldn’t find too many CDs at Mandarake. So I prepared to go home only to find the most awesome place of all: A Hanko shop -Japanese name seals. I went on it and asked for my name, which I wanted in Kanji. More on that in a future post. But I had to bum around Akihabara another hour after that, until I could finally go back to the hotel and once again, sleep early for the day.

I had to finish cleaning up my packing and again make sure that my stomach was ok. But by 6am, I was pretty set. No breakfast, since they only open at 6:45am. So I went on right to Ueno station and boarded the 638 Komachi 1 headed to Tazawago for Nyuuto hotspring. The train ride was uneventful, and soon I got bored. But getting to Tazawako was pretty awesome. It was clear I was out in the boonies by the roads the bus took. Finally, I got to the Rykonan I was using and on with the bathing!

It was pretty awesome being in multiple outdoor baths. The mix gender bath was kind of weird. But meh. I was pretty much done by 11am and was thankful that I could get on a bullet train to Akita (30 hours less journey). In Akita, all I did was pretty much go to the hotel and sleep. Man the fatigue really caught up to me. Again more on this later when I review the hotel… But yeah, that’s pretty much my 2nd and 3rd day in Japan. Looking forward to more tomorrow!

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