Beppu Island Hot Springs!

In my last blog, I mentioned some of the places in Kansai/Southern Japan that I wanted to visit while living in Japan. And after looking at more places around, I added another spot: I want to go to Beppu on Kyushu Island. It’s a Hot spring resort, and there’s a way to do the trip from Osaka in basically 2 nights – 1 day. Here’s the deal…

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.49.55 AM

So basically, there’s a Ferry that leaves Osaka at 7pm and arrives in Beppu at 7am the next day. Then you get to spend the day in Beppu before leaving again that night, returning to Osaka the next morning. I wouldn’t even need to take any days off for this. If I can find a Friday where I can leave work early (I would work until 7:30pm every day). I could be back by Sunday morning for Church.

Best of all, it’s only 10,000 Yen! Much better than one-way 17,000 yen getting there by train (not to mention how complicated it would be to get there by train… although the train ride would only be about 5 hours). Wow I’m super excited about this now. I’m really hoping I’d be able to do this on some random weekend rather than during a vacation period.

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