Vacuum Bags And Stuff

My 7th blog in a row. Can you tell I’m excited about Japan? Of course, it’s still March (despite when this is actually getting published). But also I’ve been sick. I was home sick all day on Monday. Then Tuesday, I worked half day because I needed to get stuff done. Yesterday was almost a full day, I made it to about 2:30pm. Today I’ll probably work half day again because I have an evening event.

Anyway, I got a package in the mail yesterday. Just some stuff I normally buy (manga, haha) but also something important for my trip to Japan: A set of vacuum bags. I’m determined to bring at least some of my bed sheets along, including my memory foam mattress topper (even though it’s queen sized, when my mattress in Japan looks like it will be twin). I tried it out and it’s incredible! I mean seriously, it’s one of those things you see on TV (or in my case, youtube) and you’re like. Meh it can’t be that good. But then you actually do it yourself and it’s even better!

I feel better about my packing now. I’m still going to end up leaving a lot of things. Here in Fort McMurray. And I will send home a lot of things to my parents too. But for the most part, I feel much better about all the stuff I’ve accumulated here, and what I will be taking to Japan with me. Haha.

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