Osaka Here I Come!

Osaka Here I Come! I just bought my plane ticket to fly to Osaka! I wasn’t exactly planning to do it today. But I knew I was going to buy the tickets any day now… I have basically been checking online every few days to see what the ticket situations are, and which airlines have a good flight. And finally, I’ve determined that these tickets I have are going to be the best I can get.

So Eva Airlines is a great Airlines, but most importantly, it’s part of the Star Alliance. Which means I can transfer the points I receive from this flight to any other member airlines of my choice… In my case right now, I am transferring it All Nippon Airways, which is where I transfer all my points from flying to Asia.

Anyway, the flight is Toronto to Taipei, and then Taipei to Osaka. Which is perfect, because the alternative (say on Air Canada) is to fly to Tokyo and then train down to Osaka, which would have eventually cost more than $1,200, while this flight costs about as much as the travel allowance my sponsor in Japan is giving me.

Here’s the best part: the layover in Taipei is 8 hours long! Which, means that I will be able to take one of those layover tours… Well I know they offer it in Korea and in Singapore. I’m really hoping they offer it in Taipei too. If not, well I’m adventurous enough to leave the airport and come back in time for my flight to Osaka.

In other words… 2 birds in one stone, I finally get to visit Taiwan. And I make my way to Osaka.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll be working on my plans for that trip this week sometime, and maybe I’ll update this blog about it.

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