Visa Obtained!

So this is a few week late but I got my Visa to Japan! It was quite an ordeal, but totally worth it. It involved an overnight bus ride and several flights. But here it is!

So it all started two weeks ago, on July 6 when I took the bus down to Calgary to apply for the visa. Man was that uncomfortable. I left Fort McMurray at 5pm and arrived in Calgary at 6:45am. So yes. almost 14 hours of travelling. The only redeeming factor about that was bus wifi, which is AMAZING. Except I did have to dupe into letting me watch YouTube videos by using a VPN. Unfortunately there was another problem… I arrived on the first day of the Calgary Stampede! SOO MANY PEOPLE. Plus I was being super cheap and I walked everywhere.

Anyway, after breakfast at a restaurant near the bus station, I went to a Starbucks to hang out. That pretty much sums up my trip. After Starbucks, I went to a seafood restaurant for lunch, then went on to my appointment at the Japanese Consulate. After that, I figured out my bus route to the airport, and made my way there. Good thing I was a few hours early because it turns out that my flight was delayed… Oh yeah, I forgot, the return had a lay over in Edmonton. So my flight was delayed from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, which would have put me in Edmonton at 8PM, just in time for my flight there to leave. Who knows, I might have made it, but I wasn’t risking it.

Thankfully, the folks at Air Canada were pretty understanding… Enough to put me standby on the next flight to Edmonton (it was 3:30pm at this point, that flight was going to leave at 4pm). Unfortunately not enough to put me standby on a direct flight to Fort Mac. But no biggie. I got on that 4pm flight and had to chill in Edmonton for a few hours before my final flight to Fort Mac.

Except for the bus ride, the experience wasn’t so bad. So when I had to return to Calgary a week later to pick up my visa (and my passport, which they stuck the visa in), I chose to fly both ways (PTL for Aeroplan points, btw, I didn’t pay full price for these flights).

So there it is… The final piece of the puzzle for my move to Japan. In 4 weeks, I leave Fort Mac and fly to Toronto. 2 more weeks after that and I fly to Osaka via Taipei. And I can hardly contain my excitement! Good thing camps is so busy otherwise I’d be totally checked out by now.

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