So, Osakasayasma-shi is the city that I will be moving to when I got to Japan. Now, I’ve been to Japan a bunch of times already, but every time I’ve gone has been to Tokyo (in the case of my last trip, Akita and Aomori as well). So going to Osaka is new. And so I’ve been spending a lot of my free time exploring it. How you might ask? Using Google Street View!

Yup, Street View is actually an awesome way to pre-explore a place that you’re visiting. In fact before I went on my first vacation in Japan, I even managed to street view my way from Ueno Station to my hotel. So when I got there, I was practically a pro! Of course that didn’t stop me from getting lost trying to find my hotel the last time I was there (it was a little more complicated), plus Street View was weird where the hotel was…

Anyway, the map above shows some of the places I’ve already decided I want to visit in Osakasayama. I’ve managed to find some pretty awesome places like…

cofee bean place

I don’t actually know the name of this place. But I know how to get there from where I’ll be living in Osakasayama! For now, I just call it the coffee bean place. (I just had a thought and I google translated its name… 焙煎香房シマノ is roughly translated as Roast Aroma Shimano). I’m so excited for this! A place where I can buy different coffee beans??? And it’s only like 5 minutes away from my place. I’m gonna be there every week!


This place is called Yunitekkusu Golf Club. I’ve decided that I’m gonna give golf a shot. At least practice at the range a bit.


So this is going to be the neighbourhood ramen shop I’ll be frequenting.. Although I think it’s a chain… It’s called Seven Fukuzen Ramen. At least until I get to know the place a little bit better and find some place I like more.


This place is called Spa Hills, as you can see from the picture. From what I understand it’s a “Super Sento”. So a sento is a neighbourhood bath where you go if you don’t have a bath at home. I don’t know yet if I’ll have one or not, but I imagine myself visiting this place a few times, even if I do. Looks like it has a swimming pool and other cool stuff, in addition to the hot spring (?) baths.

Well I think I’m going to end it here for now. There’s a few more places I’ve found, but it’s getting cold here in Starbucks and I wanna go home and eat supper. In part 2, more fun palces in Osakasayama-shi.

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