Typhoon Talim & A Lego Rocket

Happy Friday everyone! I was originally going to write about my school for this week’s blog post. But… first of all, it occurred to me that it’s going to be difficult to find enough material to try to blog every week. So I’m gonna pare my updates down to maybe every other week. Second, at two full weeks of teaching under my belt, I’m still really just settling in to my new job. So I figured I’d give it a little more time before writing a more significant post (with lots of pictures!) about it.

But, something interesting did happen/is going to happen, which is why I’m writing this blog post in the first place… First, a tropical storm is approaching Osaka! Apparently, I’m in a pretty safe region of Japan… very few Typhoons. But it’s not like it doesn’t happen.


Typhoon Talim is on it’s way to the Kansai region… Actually now that I read about it some more, it seems pretty serious. One website even called it a “Super Typhoon”… It’s a Category 5 storm, with up to 240 km/h 1 minute sustained winds. Wow. It has already hit Taiwan and China where, unfortunately, 7 and 110 people have been reported killed respectively. Apparently, it’s already hit Okinawa where its set the highest 24-hour rainfall total in 40 years.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 7.56.42 PM

Here’s the path that it’s going to take (thanks to The Weather Channel) and the sustained winds we can expect. I live under the JA on the map, so you can see its right in there in the path, and it looks like it will be arriving in my area Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I’m just not sure if it’s still going to be a Typhoon at that point of if it will have been downgraded to a Tropical Storm.

Anyway, please pray for me as this storm approaches. It will be my first experience like this since I was a little kid!

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.02.53 PM

I bought this umbrella yesterday (delivered today… Delivery service in Japan is AWESOME!). And man, Japanese umbrellas are serious. Its got some heft to it… I weighed it on my coffee scale and its 0,45kg…

Speaking of things that came in from Amazon… This is my childhood in one package.

One Reply to “Typhoon Talim & A Lego Rocket”

  1. that Saturn V might not work to shoot down NK missiles my friend.
    Happy you got a childhood wish – I remember when I bought my first stunt kite as an adult. re-creating and living my fatherless childhood was quite gratifying and fulfilling.
    May you indeed be kept safe in our Father’s arms through the storm and the upheaval waves of politics!


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