Drone Flying 101

So last week, I bought a drone for my birthday. It’s something I’ve been wanting to get for a while. In fact I bought a little toy drone a few years ago (a Parrot drone) but it really wasn’t anything good. And I was talked out of buying any bigger drones by my friends because of battery life issues.

Anyway, randomly videos on YouTube about this drone, the DJI Spark came up on my feed, and so I checked it out. I hard heard a little bit about it before. The so-called “selfie” drone, because you could control it with gestures. And I thought, that’d be pretty cool. And it being my birthday month, I decided… Whatever, I’ll get it. Even though it was more expensive here in Japan by about $100.

In fact, within days of owning it, I filmed an entire video for my school here in Japan that they are now using for promotion on their website. It’s still pretty shoddy. But it was a really good start. And so, that got me started looking up more videos on YouTube about drones. And from there, I was lead to the SYMA X5C, a super cheap drone that many drone enthusiasts online say is a good drone for beginners to start with. Best part: it’s only $50.

So I got it. And I’ve been practicing a little bit at a time… Here’s my video of about 4 battery cycles worth of practice. A battery cycle is 7-9 minutes long. So it’s almost 40 minutes worth of flying. I still crash a lot, but it’s way better than the first day I was flying, when I literally couldn’t even hover.

Anyway, I want to keep a record of my progress on this. So I’m going to be blogging about it periodically, along with my thoughts on the the SYMA X5C, and what I did to get started, in case anyone wants to follow along.

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