Canada, eh?

It’s been like 3 weeks since I last posted on this blog, even though I came to Japan hoping to at least do one post a week – preferably two. I have started a couple of posts, but got bored of writing them. But they’re somewhere in the pipeline and hopefully I will get to finish them sometime, but for now, I figured I should write about some of my activities in Japan.

So obviously my basic activity is to teach English here at my school, Grace English School. This consists of classroom teaching for students grades 1-6 and private/semi-private lessons for Junior High – Adults. I have students from pretty much all age groups. For students (in addition to the kids), I have 2 groups of Junior High students, 1 group of high school students. I have 1 medical student I’m helping prep for the TOEFL exam.

In addition to these private/semi-private lessons, I lead various English classes as well. Through the school, I teach every week at a church in Chiyoda-shi. There I have 2 classes (beginner, and intermediate) of adult students. Also, every 3rd Friday of the month, I teach a really large group at a senior’s centre here in Osakasayama-shi. My other regular teaching was a contact of the previous teacher, an English club where I teach about once every other month.

Finally, there are the one-offs that I get invited to periodically, again through the school’s connection. One of these is coming up… The reason why I have Justin Bieber and Pikotaro on the cover image of this post. It’s at Nagano High School (in Kawachinagano-shi). This presentation is to a group of first year high school students (Equal to Sophomores/Grade 10 in North America, because High School here is only 3 years… So the students are 16/17 years olds).

It’s an interesting event, actually. In addition to me, there are 5 others making presentations from different countries like Spain, Italy, France, etc. It’s truly a cross-cultural event. Apparently the class I’m meeting has already been doing some research into Canada.

Of course because it’s Canada, I’m talking mostly about multiculturalism. Which is probably going to be the most unique presentation out of the bunch. But I also like to focus on fun stuff like pop culture, etc. So that includes singing a Justin Bieber song on the ukulele (I will post a video of this in a few days).

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this one. It seems like an interesting experience, and quite different from the normal presentations I make like these to mostly adult students.

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